There really aren’t adequate words to express my complete admiration for Dr. Richardt and his mind-blowing talents, skills, and kindness. He is truly one in TWO million! He is fast – pulled four teeth before I ever dreamed they could be out so quickly – and takes incredible care to make sure you, as his patient, are experiencing no discomfort. He is everything you dream about in the ideal dentist. He DOES exist right here in Naples! The amazing results he delivered are breath taking. For the first time in years, I now have a dazzling smile! He is quite simply the best. I have to add that Dr.
    Richardt’s sidekick Anthony is likewise remarkable. What a team they make. And Lisa and Kristen are also great. This whole team makes going to the dentist – even for major work- a genuine pleasure. This is the zenith of dentistry!

    Please let me know this made it through cyberspace to you.

    Thanks ever so much for everything!

  • My name is Joe and I highly recommend Six Month Smile to anyone who is interested in improving their smile. First things first, it is not painful! This was one of my biggest fears.

    Joe Faciane
  • Best dentist ever! I have to say my experience with Dr. Richardt was wonderful and absolutely painless. I love my new teeth and will celebrate by eating a bug juicy steak.

    Vin Andella
    Web Developer